Lucas Design’s land division was created in 2013 with the coming together of a team of highly skilled property specialists and negotiators with the brief to acquire opportunity-rich sites for investment and development throughout southern England.

The team is always actively seeking new land for acquisition. As well as proactively sourcing potential new clients they also welcome calls from individuals and companies wishing to explore the investment and development potential of a site.

This could be a portion of a back garden or an empty part of a property. The team will also look at the complete redevelopment of properties in order to maximise land values.

If you think your garden or other piece of your land may have the potential to accommodate a residential property Lucas Design would be very interested to hear about it. The land team will provide professional and confidential advice on land deals and can make offers with no obligation to you.

Lucas Design enjoys great relationships with all land clients, working closely with them to provide a single point of contact for ease of communication and efficient running of the project.

The land division looks after the entire planning process to ensure maximum development potential is reached and that projects complement the character of the area.

Through our team of in-house specialists and carefully chosen external consultants the land division has a good track record of obtaining planning permission for its developments. Subject to an acceptable offer, Lucas Design will handle any costs incurred from obtaining planning permission at no cost to the landowner.

To discuss investment and development opportunities get in touch via the Contact Us page on the website or email the land team at:

Click here for further information on the land team.