Bigger Growth Prospects due to Pension Reforms

Sunday 22 March 2015

The way in which people over the age of 55 can access their pension funds is changing. From April 2015, alterations to the current pension system will take effect, resulting in altered spending habits for a lot of the population.

Pension funds will become more flexible, this will allow people with a defined contribution or cash balance pension pot to purchase property using their pensions. So now, unlike before, they can take money from their pensions whenever they want.

This is great news for pension investors who want to free up capital to purchase property for investment purposes.

Further information regarding the pension reforms that are due to take place can be found on the Government website, click here.

This pension reform will help people who have already retired as well as those who are still working. If you are within a few years of retiring; your top priority should be getting your pensions, other savings and property investment in order.

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Understandably people will want to know all they can about the new pension reforms before taking any big decisions with their money. Therefore, the government is offering the people affected free money guidance on the changes taking place. For general guidance (but note not personalised advice) see the links below for the following authorities who offer advice on the telephone and face to face.

Money Advice Service
Pensions Advisory Service
Citizens Advice

Lucas Design offers no financial advice. Before making any significant financial decisions we would encourage any potential investors to seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor.