Our Process

Lucas Design combines design and construction excellence with industry insight to create a project management process which delivers homes that exceed our clients’ expectations.


    Lucas Design devotes considerable attention to the planning stage and ensuring initial plans are absolutely right. In our opinion this is the most important element of the development process and key to the smooth running of any project.
    We possess an in-depth understanding of the planning process, as well as excellent contacts with local councils’ planning departments and knowledge of their priorities and demands. This combination maximises the chances of our clients achieving planning consent for their projects – whether they are investors or private clients.
    Every type of development, from individual plots for private clients to large-scale projects involving change of use, conservation and greenbelt locations, benefits from our meticulous approach at the planning stage.


    We combine careful attention to detail at the planning stage with an intelligently creative approach when it comes to implementation.
    Lucas Design works with an innovative and dedicated team of architects to manage concept design. We brief them to create the finest possible homes for our clients, viewing their role as pivotal to our ability to deliver a finished building which delights the senses.
    Our architects bring to the table not only academic and practical understanding of the technically feasible, but also outstanding conceptual and creative skills to help achieve the supremely desirable.
    Some of the UK’s leading architects have been involved in our biggest developments.


    We have designed and built some of the most luxurious, aesthetically pleasing and challenging homes in the country, gaining a wealth of experience in the process.
    We employ skilled and experienced tradesmen to carry out each of the building disciplines and all our work is guaranteed. We also invest in our community and train young apprentices, as we firmly believe this will ensure the future generation of Lucas Design craftsmen are as skilled as the present one.
    The company has a small core team of quality tradesmen and groundworkers enabling us to complete all groundworks in house. This both minimises and controls the risk and cost of this crucial stage of a project. The company employs sub-contractors as required to carry out most other work.
    Much of our work can be seen in our home county of Surrey, but there are examples of Lucas Design craftsmanship in other parts of the South East.


    Our in-house management team carefully project manages every development – from concept through to completion. This precise attention to detail at every stage ensures even large and complex projects proceed smoothly.
    The end result of this approach is one which both meets our exceptionally high standards and, most importantly, delights our clients.
    The finished product is the result of collaboration between the logic of the world-class architects, the commitment to excellent craftsmanship of the builders and the creative vision of the interior designers – all co-ordinated by the focused overview of the project managers.
    Projects can be undertaken either on a joint venture basis or by management fee.


    Lucas Design’s mission is to create homes, not simply houses: properties with an unparalleled quality of fitting and finish; properties which display supreme good taste and aesthetic excellence.
    Lucas Design’s gorgeously sumptuous interiors provide the finishing touches to a home to which you will long to return. Our approach combines the most refined traditional period architecture with chic accessories, complemented by superior furniture and materials sourced from around the world.
    Our experienced interior designers pride themselves on keeping ahead of current trends in home décor and styling, so you can be sure your home will demonstrate not just superb, but the very latest, taste. But our designers’ vision is always tempered by the personal and individual tastes of our clients – we always go the extra mile to ensure the finished design truly reflects your personality and style.
    Together we aspire to create a dwelling that epitomises stylish and luxurious elegance – perfection with personality.